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Philadelphia, PA 19130


Fine chocolates and caramels made in small batches with fresh high quality ingredients 

Nolia Flavors

Nolia uses all fresh ingredients to make our confections. Our chocolates are made with a directly sourced, single origin, fair trade cocoa grown in Venezuela.

We recommend that Nolia Chocolates be enjoyed within TWO weeks of arrival. Our chocolates do not require refrigeration. Please see our FAQ Page for additional storage instructions and allergy information.


Seasonal Specialties


Blood Orange Buttercream

SEASONAL FLAVOR This seasonal jewel is bright, sweet and tart all in one. Luscious buttercream infused with real fresh squeezed blood orange juice in a dark chocolate heart. Available only for the short time these precious citrus gems are in season, generally January through March.


Passion Fruit Buttercream

SEASONAL FLAVOR available Spring season: Sweet, tart,and tropical passion fruit blended into Italian buttercream inside dark chocolate mini egg.



SEASONAL FLAVOR Available in Spring. Real mango blended in ganache dipped in milk chocolate and finished with a touch of chili pepper on top.

Nolia Classics

raspberries 1.jpg

Raspberry Champagne

Ganache blended with real raspberry and sparkling Vidal wine from Crow Vineyards in milk chocolate. Topped with edible crystallized pink hibiscus flower petals. CONTAINS ALCOHOL

Lemon pepper.jpg

Lemon Pepper

An unexpected but delicious citrus and spice combo! Smooth milk chocolate flavored with fresh lemon zest and aromatic ground peppercorn from a small private estate in Costa Rica


Bourbon Cherry

Tart dried cherries soaked in a secret Markers Mark bourbon blend, chopped and rolled into a rich ganache, dipped in dark chocolate, and topped with a piece of cherry. CONTAINS ALCOHOL



Espresso ganache made with a secrete blend of Philadelphia’s own La Colombe coffee dipped in creamy white chocolate and finished with a dusting of cocoa - a latte in truffle form!

rosy goat.JPG

Rosy Goat

A delicious tangy twist - organic homegrown rosemary infused mild goat cheese blended into milk chocolate ganache and dipped in white chocolate. Finished with a sweet crystallized piece of mint leaf.



An Italian-style “baci” treat! Homemade hazelnut ganache topped with a whole toasted hazelnut at the center and covered in dark chocolate

Nolia Caramels and Squares

ghost pepper.jpg

Ghost Pepper Salted Caramel

HOT! Ghost Chili Peppers are some of the hottest on earth! A sprinkle of ghost pepper infused sea salt blends with the creamy caramel for a one-of-kind addictive sensation!

Caramel 1.jpg

Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel

Our most popular confection! Homemade chewy caramels dipped in milk or dark chocolate then dusted with pink sea salt crystals mined deep under the Himalayas.


Pecan Nut Caramel

Nolia’s chewy homemade caramels mixed with roasted pecans, dipped in milk or dark chocolate and topped with a piece of pecan.


Coffee Caramel

Nolia caramel infused with our special blend of coffee and topped with a dash of powdered sugar. A perfect accompaniment to your afternoon coffee break! Available in milk or dark chocolate

coconut cardomom.JPG

Coconut Cardamon Caramel

Nolia’s freshmade caramel mixed with shredded coconut and a touch of ground cardamon in milk or dark chocolate.


Fruit + Nut Squares

A decadent adult version of the “chunky” bar, each 1.5” square contains cashews, almonds, walnuts, and dried apricots, cranberries, and raisins. In milk or dark chocolate, they come either 2 or 5 per package. Dark chocolate is non-dairy vegan.

plain caramel.JPG

Wrapped Caramels

Nolia's homemade chewy caramels now come naked! These un-dipped caramels come individually wrapped in 4 ounce bags. Choose from classic Salted Vanilla, Coffee, or our new Chocolate caramel which brings back memories of eating brownie batter right out of the bowl with a spoon.

Photos by Amanda Lloyd