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Philadelphia, PA 19130


Fine chocolates and caramels made in small batches with fresh high quality ingredients 

Terms, Conditions & FAQ

When will I RECEIVE MY order?

Please allow at least seven (7) days to receive your order.

We are a very small business and since we make all our chocolates fresh to order just for you, we need five (5) days from the order date to make the chocolate, pack, and ship your order.  If you require a faster delivery, please contact us before ordering.

Which carrier do you use for SHIPPing?

We ship via US Post Office Priority Mail.  Most packages arrive in 2-3 days of the ship date.

We do not have a retail storefront but we offer local pick up in Philadelphia if you would like to save on shipping.  If you choose local pick and then need to change it to shipping, we will request that you resubmit your order to include the shipping cost.

How does "Local pick Up - philadelphia only" work?

For Philadelphia residents, we offer the option to pick up your order (or if mutually convenient, delivery in Center City) so that you can save on shipping.   We are an on-line store only and do not have a permanent retail storefront location.  Local pick up will still require at least five (5) days for us to make and pack your order.  We will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable pick up day and time.

Please note: If you choose local pick up and then need to change to have your order shipped, please contact us immediately.   We will cancel your order, issue a refund, and request that you resubmit your order with the required shipping information and payment. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we can not ship internationally.


Please refer to the tracking number in your shipment confirmation email. 

Are your chocolates kosher?

All of the ingredients we use to make our products are kosher, however our kitchen does not have kosher certification at this time.

How do I store My chocolateS once i RECEIVE Them?

Truffles and caramels should be enjoyed as soon as possible for maximum flavor or within 2 weeks from receipt.

Solid chocolates (Fruit & Nut Squares) can be stored up to 3 months in their original packaging or in airtight containers.

Please do not refrigerate your chocolates! Refrigeration is not necessary, so long as the storage area is below 70 degrees and away from direct heat and sunlight.  Chocolates can be frozen, double wrapped and an airtight container for up to six months.  If the chocolates must be frozen or refrigerated please wrap tightly to keep moisture out and bring to room temperature before unwrapping.  

Chocolate is susceptible to temperature, external odors and flavorings, air and light, moisture, and time. The fat and sugar it contains will absorb surrounding odors.  Chocolate should be stored in a dry, odor-free place with good air circulation. Good storage practices help avoid undesired features like fatbloom and sugarbloom (white or grayish streaks on the chocolate's surface) and help extend shelf life.

Who do I contact for allergy information?

*Please contact us at or 267.872.3370 for questions about a specific product.

Dairy:  We process products with and without dairy on the same equipment.  All of our products may contain traces of dairy. Our dark chocolate fruit+nut squares and cranberry Cointreau cordials do not contain dairy ingredients, but may contain traces since they are processed on shared equipment. 

Tree nuts and peanuts:  We process products with and without tree nuts or peanuts on the same equipment and in the same kitchen. All of our products may contain traces of nuts.  You can customize your order and select chocolates that do not contain nuts. For customers with a severe tree nut or peanut allergy, we do not recommend our products. 

Gluten:  Our mint cookie and ginger bite confections contain wheat ingredients.  The remainder of our truffles, caramels, and other confections  do not contain any wheat ingredients. However, products with and without wheat ingredients are process on shared equipment and in the same kitchen. For customers with a severe gluten allergy we do not recommend any of our products.

Soy:  All of our products contain soy lecithin as an emulsifier. The soy is added during the chocolate manufacturing process by our chocolate supplier. We do not add any soy or additional emulsifiers to our truffles, caramels, or other confections.

Alcohol:  Some of our truffles contain a minimal amount of alcohol, specifically bourbon cherries, cranberry Cointreau cordials, raspberry champagne, bananas foster,  and triple vanilla.  The remainder of our other products do not contain alcohol.

What does ' individually crafted by hand ' mean?

Each chocolate we make is truly individual.  They are hand molded, hand dipped and/or decorated by hand; therefore, some slight variations in size and appearance can be expected.  So that you can enjoy the freshest chocolate, we make limited quantities of chocolate to order each week.  Our chocolate confections are 100% natural without  added preservatives, wax or emulsifiers.  That means when you enjoy our chocolate you are experiencing the pure, rich complexity natural to chocolate.  We develop our own flavor recipes, striving for intense flavors, and use a specialty single origin cocoa grown in Venezuela.  We won't divulge our secret recipes but all of our confections are made in house using fresh cream, real fresh and dried fruit, quality nuts, real alcohol, fresh ground spices and even fresh brewed specialty coffee from a local roaster.  When possible, we even grow our own ingredients like rosemary and Meyer lemons. We love our flavors and hope you will too!